Software development and services for electronic payments

Altius IT Solutions through Altius Plus in Russia, part of Altius Group, specializes in software development and provision of services for the electronic payment industry.

The company’s main activities include the following:

  • Software development of EFT/POS terminals
  • Consulting services for the EFT/POS terminals and their technologies
  • Integrated solutions for payment systems
  • Different loyalty and bonus applications for POS terminals and PC/servers
  • POS terminals management systems
  • Providing development resources for outsourcing.

Skills and Knowledge

  • Z80 assembler, C, C++, C#, Java, ActiveX, JBoss, OpenGL, HTML/XML/Ajax e.t.c.
  • Various database environments (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL e.t.c.)
  • Standards ISO 8583, ANSI X9.9, ANSI X9.19, ANSI X9.24, ANSI X9.28, EMV96,
    EMV 2000/2004, Proton/Copac, etc.
  • Security: DES, 3DES, DUKPT, SSL, RSA
  • Different banking systems and protocols: Hypercom ISO and ISO variations
    (ArkSys, Alpha, CTL, Delta, Nomad), SPDH ACI/SECAB, APACS30/40,
    Visa K/D/J/M/EMEA/MDC, Nova, HPS128, OpenWay (Native and Hypercom&OpenWay),etc.
  • Different types of low-level communication protocols
  • Multiply types of communications (modem, ISDN, GSM/GPRS, Ethernet, Bluetooth)
  • Loyalty (including WRT XLS), different types of pre-paid, restaurant & hotel processing,
    tax-free processing, hotlist, Multi-currency and Dynamic currency conversion (DCC),
    multilanguage support, Gift cards processing, top-up, bill payment
  • Work with different devices (barcode readers, contactless readers, Cashier registers,
    external printers, Pin Pads, external and check readers)



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