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Hypercom Optimum x42xx certification with VISA ADVT and MASTERCARD TIP through BORICA'S Host

Altius Bulgaria has concluded all needed certifications of the new line of Hypercom EFT/POSs called Optimum x42xx (PCI PED) with Borica's Host.

The Hypercom Optimum series has successfully passed the certification procedure of BORICA by specification EMV2000 Compliant Messaging Protocol Acquirer Interface of Borica for POS terminals. Terminal software of Hypercom Optimum x42xx series (T4210, T4220, T4230, M4230, M4240) has successfully passed the EMV certification for VISA ADVT (April 2008) and also for MasterCard TIP (Jan 2009) with a bank through Borica's Host.


Hypercom's new series of Optimum 42XX terminal has enhanced characteristics while comparing with the previous line, as it takes advantage of the introduction of the recent Payment Card Industry (PCI) specifications, prerequisite for every POS market from 1/1/2008.

The T4200 platform has also received PCI PED approval for secure PIN entry, MasterCard Worldwide Payment Terminal Security approval for IP and wireless transactions, and EMV Level 1 & 2 certifications for global merchant markets. The platform also complies with the European Union's RoHS requirements for hazardous substances. All terminals also have built-in security features such as optional privacy shields, Triple DES encryption to protect cardholder PINs, and Hypercom's excusive RSA-based security infrastructure to prevent the introduction of fraudulent applications.

Hypercom's x4200 family consists of 32-bit multi-application terminals, 24Mb memory with a consistent "look and feel" and 19-key keypad layout. The series includes T42xx desktop (dial only, Ethernet/SSL/dial backup, GSM/GPRS/dial backup) and M42xx wireless models (GSM/GPRS/dial backup/Bluetooth). All Hypercom Optimum x4200 POS technical data are equal (hardware/software). The common terminal software gives the advantage to our customers do only one EMV certification of selected POS type for all the Hypercom Optimum x4200 series (dial-up, LAN, GSM/GPRS etc.).

For additional information on Hypercom's Optimum x42xx platform, please visit:

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