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POS certification with JCC

Altius Cyprus has concluded certification of Hypercom Optimum T2100 V.90 terminal with JCC, the only processor in Cyprus. In phase II of the certification JCC will certify also the T2100 GSM/GPRS, T2100 Ethernet, M2100 GSM/GPRS and the M2100 Bluetooth terminals. Phase II of certification includes VISA ADVT and MasterCard TIP certifications and some special programs that JCC uses in the field.


Seminar in Advanced POS Networking

Altius has concluded with great success a training course attended by network operators/system engineers of client companies in Greece and abroad (including Cyprus, Czech Republic and Bulgaria) who currently work with their company's POS network using Hypercom's NAC/IEN equipment. NAC/IENs are the most popular devices worldwide in concentrating the transactions coming from EFT /POS terminals. Altius customers include processors like First Data, Euronet and Borica and banks like Eurobank that use these equipments to pass all their EFT /POS traffic.


Eurobank - Altius Cooperation

Altius has sold additional POS networking solutions and more than 5000 Hypercom Optimum T2100 terminals from March 2006 to Eurobank, Athens, including also IP and GPRS models for their operation in Greece and in Balcans.

The current Hypercom terminals estate of Eurobank's POS network in Greece which is supported by Altius, has reached 30,000 units and represents more than 50% of their total installed base. Hypercom POS networking solution enabled Eurobank to realize its regional plans and cross border transaction processing from any POS terminal in any country to the central HOST. These contracts allowed Eurobank to extend its electronic payment services to merchants throughout Central and Eastern Europe market and benefit from our Global Account Management program as well as our comprehensive SW development, network design, support and field services.

Key features of Hypercom Transaction Management Solution for Eurobank:

  • T2100 High-speed transactions based on a 32-bit RISC processor with 12 megabytes of memory.
  • Dial, Ethernet and GPRS communications options to speed installation and ease migration.
  • EMV 4.0 and Visa PED certification with Triple DES and RSA cryptographic support and secure casing to deliver the tightest security and durability.
  • IEN chassis fitted with ISDN and IP cards for the transaction concentration and routing from the country of origin to the central processing office of Eurobank

"Hypercom is one of the short listed vendors for the EFT/POS terminals of Eurobank, since we started our Acquiring operation back in 1997, with exceptional devices that gave to the Bank competitive advantages to penetrate and win over the Local Market. Our cooperation with Altius has further enhanced our presence in Greece and abroad with the development of new services" said George Kotsolakis, General Manager of Eurobank Cards.

Altius IT Solutions incorporates a new company in Russia named Altius IT Solutions Russia.

Altius IT Solutions today announced the incorporation of a new company called Altius IT Solutions Russia, with headquarters in Yaroslavl, Russia. The new company will concentrate its activities towards software development and services for the electronic payment industry and it is expected to commence operations in January 2007.

Altius IT Solutions Russia will be active in the following three areas:

  • Software development of EFT/POS terminals
  • Support services for the EFT/POS terminals
  • Integrated solutions for payment systems

Executive Director of the newly formed company will be Ilya Samoiloff who has joined the Group, coming from Hypercom Corp., a global leader in electronic payment products and services, headquartered in Phoenix . Ilyia was a Project Manager of Hypercom EMEA region responsible for projects of POS terminal development for 6 years.

The team will be further enhanced by the addition of several former Hypercom top engineers, including Peter Novikov and Anton Mazaev who will lead POS and PC software development departments respectively. Anton Mazaev was the Director of software development department, responsible for several EFT client-server systems. Peter Novikov was EMEA Team leader, guiding and personally developing multiply POS projects for local and international customers.

In Hypercom, this team was responsible for delivering and support of competitive software products worldwide, developing and conducting at the same time various Hypercom University programs.

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