Company news 2005

Altius Bulgaria is established

In October 2005, Altius established its subsidiary company Altius IT Bulgaria Ltd. The company's main activities concern:

  • Trading of electronic terminals for cards (EFT/POS) as well as their peripheral units
  • Trading of communicational devices
  • Support services for the abovementioned products
  • Software development for the EFT/POS terminals
  • Integrated Transactions Systems solutions
  • Trading of any kind of Plastic Cards

In cooperation with Laiki Bank EMV, GSM/ GPRS terminals in the Greek Market

In cooperation with Laiki Bank of Greece, ALTIUS has developed an application for credit card terminals for the Hypercom Optimum GSM/GPRS and dial- up devices which also accepts EMV smart cards. The integrated system was accredited by VISA Organization, (Hypercom Optimun T2100 terminal- ALTIUS, Receiver Laiki Bank, Processing Organization - First Data Hellas- Receiver Organization- VISA International). Consequently, Laiki Bank has become the first banking institution in Greece with GSM/GPRS terminals accredited for the use of smart cards EMV VISA with accreditation ADVT v.3.2.2.

Payzone Romania is established

ALTIUS IT Solutions and Payzone Group have established Payzone Romania, to roll out a retail based payment network of EFT-POS terminals across Romania to support the recharging of prepay mobile and fixed line accounts, the payment of utility, telecoms and insurance bills. Electronic top up through these terminals has replaced the traditional way through scratch cards to a great extend. Today Payzone Romania, which is based in Bucharest, dominates the electronic top-up market in Romania, with a client base that includes the leading mobile providers of the industry, such as Connex and Orange.

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